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Debit Orders and Contributions

Debit orders are the most effective way of providing ongoing financial support.

Becoming a financial partner through debit orders is an easy 2 step process:

  1. Download the debit order form
  2. Fill in all the details pertaining to the Debit order.
  3. Fax or scan and email this through to (021) 461-9690 or – Please specify which province you want to support, or National.

Click here to download the Debit order form 

Click here to download the Membership Form 


Upload completed Debit order / Membership Form

You can also EFT. Please specify which province you want to support, or National, and also email and advise her that you have done this!

Banking Details

Bank: Standard Bank
Branch: Cape Town
Branch No: 00051001
Account No: 070126917

The African Christian Democratic Party is the only political party that demonstrated its willingness to be transparent by submitting audited account information as well as sources of private donations to the Institute for Democracy in South Africa. We have submitted our audited accounts for scrutiny because we feel political parties should support political transparency and accountability to the electorate.

Transparency and accountability to voters are among the most crucial elements of a democratic system and it is vital that voters do not feel the need to question the legitimacy of decisions made on their behalf because of the influence of donors.

The National Treasurer is Derek Kissonduth: 0823991234




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