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July 23, 2012

Corruption, Housing

A Self-Constructed Rural Home – Much better Quality than an RDP House

It costs the government around R58 000 to build a 21m2 RDP house with one room, one toilet and a combined kitchenette and lounge. Using these costs, the government could have built around 51 million houses with the R30 Billion wasted through fraud and corruption by government. However, this is not the most cost effective, or best value for money. Outside of the issue of corruption, the government is relying on cronyism and tenderpreneurs to provide only some, with sub-standard housing.

A man from Port Elizabeth (Hennie Botes) has designed a low cost house that can be built easily by communities (including women) in a day, or two weeks (with plumbing) depending on weather conditions. This means that it is not only cost effective housing, it is providing skills and jobs to the community. The design is also superior quality, making use of a mortar recipe and plastic moulding. The mortar has been strength tested by various universities and the designer has won SABS awards for the design, as well as the Frost & Sullivan Green Excellence in Sustainable Development Award (2012), was invited by the Smithsonian Institute to showcase Moladi at the United Nations in New York (2011), amongst other accolades. How many of the ‘companies’ awarded tenders for housing can boast this level of prestige? He is exporting the designs to 16 other developing countries including India and Ghana (22 countries in total) and yet our government has not used his designs (Moladi Construction Technology) despite numerous applications he has made.

The Moladi design costs R50 000 for double the size (40m2) with two bedrooms, a separate lounge and kitchen, and one bathroom. Not only is the price R6000 cheaper per unit, the housing is of a better quality and almost double the size.  This is another prime example of how government is not using tax payers money to its full advantage. The ANC used the lack of housing as an emotive campaign tool, but the fact is, they have not delivered to the extent that voters had hoped. The resources are there, they’re just sitting in the pockets of corrupt officials who have squandered R30 billion.


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