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Abortion on Demand:

More than two hundred and eighty thousand abortions have been performed in South Africa since 1997. Taxpayers’ money is used to fund and promote abortion even though most surveys indicate that the majority of South Africans are opposed to it … Read more

Age of sexual consent:

There is evidence of a worldwide effort to lower the age when a child can legally give consent for intercourse with an adult. This desire to gain access to children has resulted in…Read more


The ACDP recognizes the need for affirmative action to address persistent inequalities that are racially based. However we believe that there should be a sunset clause and the policy should be phased out once equality has been objectively achieved…Read more


In 1996 ACDP predicted the failure of OBE and the dumping down of our education system. Subsequent events showed that we were correct and government has admitted failure in education…Read more

Hate Speech:

There are two pieces of legislation which have already been passed and two pieces of legislation on the table which could have a major impact on church activity and the practice of Christianity in South Africa…Read more


South Africa is said to have the fastest growing Aids epidemic in the world with an infection rate of between 1 700 and 2 000 a day. Over 3.5 million South Africans are currently infected with HIV…Read more

Land Redistribution:

South Africans, both black and white, are passionate about the issue of land ownership and the importance of finding sensible and timely solutions to problems surrounding land redistribution and reform cannot be underestimated…Read more

Nationalization of Mines:

Proposal from ANCYL to nationalize mines shows their lack of economic and political maturity. ANCs Prof Ben Turok has said that the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act of 2002 has already implemented state ownership … Read more

Religion in Education Policy:

The Department of Education’s Religion in Education policy should be of concern for every family in South Africa. The policy has serious implications for every parent with school-going children and for South Africa as a whole…Read more

Restorative Justice and Crime:

There is hardly a person in South Africa that has not had their lives touched by crime. Besides the trauma experienced by victims of crime, juvenile offenders are often exposed to horrific abuse and the risk of contracting HIV in prisons..Read more

Traditional Leaders:

The ACDP supports the institution of traditional leadership and their system of government for the rural areas provided that the system does not violate our Christian values…Read more


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