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The growth in population, especially in the last five decades, has outstripped the increase in real agricultural production. This aspect needs serious consideration for the future…Read more

Arts & Culture:

South Africa is blessed with many distinct cultures, each with distinct languages and traditions. Their relationship should ideally be conducted in a non-racist and non-discriminatory framework…Read more

Economic Policy:

The ACDP will place the elimination of inflation at the top of its list of economic priorities that are aimed at achieving a rapidly growing economy…Read more


Education must be pro-active in moral and redemptive teaching. It must teach respect for the dignity, as well as the fallibility of human nature and provide an understanding of the centrality of God…Read more

Environmental Affairs:

The protection and care of our environment is not only the duty of the government, but every political party and of every person in South Africa. The ACDP believes that human beings were created so as to live in harmony with nature…Read more

Family Values:

We, the ACDP, acknowledge God as the Sovereign Creator of the universe, who has entrusted unto humanity the right and responsibility to rule over the affairs of the world…Read more

Federal Policy Model:

The ACDP will institute a recognised body of law, which will conform to Christian principles of government, that will also determine the relationship of the different tiers of government to one another…Read more

Financial Management:

Government must practice sound fiscal management. It should not overspend, contribute to inflation, engage in chronic deficit budgeting or engage in unjust expropriation or impairment of property rights…Read more

Foreign Affairs:

Christian ethics, in the realm of foreign policy is to be understood and supported by the Biblical ethic, which is centred on peace and goodwill. Foremost, our foreign affairs policy is to protect our own interest and sovereign integrity..Read more


South Africa has a proud history of achievement in the medical field, which the ACDP will build upon. We will balance these highly specialised academic achievements with primary health care….Read more


At present, the housing sector in South Africa is in a very disrupted state. This has created some serious problems. Highly politicised delivery programmes have had a detrimental effect on the effective performance of the economy…Read more


One of the key functions of civil government is to protect society. This is a function that the present government has not fulfilled. Levels of crime are at their highest. This has given rise to a state of virtual anarchy with human life losing value daily…Read more

Land Affairs:

The ACDP respects the right of all citizens to own property. The ACDP policy on land affairs would address the problem issues of land imbalances, land restitution and land usage…Read more

National Defence:

We affirm that governments have a responsibility to build up and maintain a strong military preparedness to protect their citizens from foreign threats and subversive influences, which may deprive them of their liberties…Read more

National Intelligence:

The role of the intelligence service in South Africa is to ensure that the ideals of democracy and civil security are protected. The ACDP believes that although certain covert services must be maintained … Read more

Safety and Security:

The growth in criminality together with the influx of illegal arms is related to the State’s inability to impose its legitimate authority to protect the safety and security of its citizens…Read more

Trade & Industry:

We should stress to the World Trade Organisation that we are still a developing nation which has had an uneven socio-political history, and as such any rules that South Africa should comply with must be commensurate with our past….Read more


The economy of our country is critically dependent on an effective transport system. Within the scope of this statement it must be realised that development, regulation and support infrastructure are prime performance areas…Read more

Water Affairs:

The ACDP recognises a grave responsibility with regard to the stewardship of water, which is a scarce commodity and a vital resource. Both the conservation and accessibility of water by all are major concerns and will become priorities…Read more

Welfare Policy:

The ACDP believes that the existence of a welfare society results from the breakdown of the family, as the supporting block in society. We also believe that civil Government has wrongly shouldered… Read more



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