ACDP MP vows to make the people of South Africa’s voices heard by supporting secret ballot vote

Media Statement
Cheryllyn Dudley, MP and Whip


The ACDP has joined forces with other opposition parties in making a stand to support a secret ballot vote today.  The ACDP Leader, Rev Kenneth Meshoe, has also made the party position clear regarding the removal of the President before his term of office is up - constantly supporting calls for his removal.

The ANC of course, has a long no history of firing their leaders before their term of office is complete - going right back to when Seme rallied against Dube and as recently as when Mbeki was asked to step down.

The real victory for a democratic South Africa at this time has already been won as the country rallied to peacefully express their views and to participate responsibly in the decision making processes of Parliament.  The Speaker of the National Assembly has done South Africa proud as she diligently applied her mind to the issue of a secret ballot - seriously taking on board the views of the Judiciary, Opposition Parties, the Majority Party and the people of SA - and concluded that a ‘secret ballot’ would be the right decision for this People's Parliament at this time, ensuring greater freedom for Members of Parliament to vote without fear or favour and best represent the people of South Africa.

I have thought long and hard about what people are referring to as a ‘conscience vote’ as they implore people to vote ‘according to their conscience’ today - and I am sure many of my colleagues at Parliament have done the same.

I have concluded that they do not want me to vote according to my take on the situation or my gut feeling about the many agendas at play.

They simply want me to represent THEM and to make THEIR VOICE HEARD.

I will vote today as a representative of the people who voted me in to office in the National Assembly. They have made their position clear - they want to see Parliament hold the President and his executive accountable for what they understand to be gross negligence and abuse of power - and they feel this is the only way to do that.”