ACDP welcomes Inter Ministerial Committee statement

Media Statement
Cheryllyn Dudley, MP and Whip

  • says need to interact with National Treasury report but time a luxury we do not have

  • requested commitment from IMC that project plan will be before Joint Committee by 21 November

  • commends MP’s on ensuring Executive Members held accountable and no further delays occur during transition 

ACDP MP and Member of the Joint Social Development/SCOPA Committee, Cheryllyn Dudley, today said that “The ACDP welcomes the Inter Ministerial Committee (IMC) statement requested by the Joint Committee.”

The IMC considered the report of National Treasury and took the decision to fast track progress and ensure additional capacity to boost the capabilities of SASSA and SAPO who will be working together.  The intervention includes partnership between SASSA, SAPI, Home Affairs, State Security Agency and the establishment of a dedicated team to review and strengthen the project plan being put in place.

In response to the many questions from the Joint Committee Hon Dudley said that “while we recognize the need to interact with the National Treasury’s report we are aware that time is a luxury we do not have.  I am requesting that we get a commitment from the IMC and parties involved that the promised project plan will be before the Joint SCOPA/Social Development by 21 November”.

She said she was “...concerned that at this time the Joint Committee is in danger of holding up the process if we embark on a detailed investigation now when our priority needs to be the fast tracking of the process in order to ensure that government move urgently and seamlessly into taking over the responsibility of paying social grants from within government departments.  I appeal to the Joint Committee to release the high level officials here today to get the job done”.

The project plan will outline the detailed plan for execution, resource requirements, critical milestones and communication strategy. This will include the commitment to draw additional capacity from other organs of state if required.

The roles and responsibilities of each party will be detailed in the implementation protocol. 


The mandate of the dedicated team will be to ensure finalization of the cooperation agreements between SASSA and SAPO and the team will report weekly to the IMC.

“As the agreement will be signed by next week Friday 17 November and a commitment was received that the Joint Committee will be furnished with the details of the implementation protocol by Tuesday, November 21, the ACDP is confident that parliament is in a stronger position to oversee the fast tracking of the progress.

The ACDP commends Members of Parliament on a job well done in ensuring that the Executive Members - necessary to seeing that pension payouts are done effectively, efficiently and with no hitches as we go through this period of transition - have not only been held accountable but helped in gaining traction and finding each other in the process”, Dudley added.