ACDP highlights 60-year waiting period for older persons on City’s public housing data base

BRRR Human Settlement
Speech by Cheryllyn Dudley, MP and Whip

  • Believes the minister can rectify situation with the side-lined Special Needs Housing Policy 

“In the Budgetary Review and Recommendations Report for Human Settlements the Portfolio Committee makes well founded recommendations.  Among these important recommendations the department is urged to ensure government’s housing subsidy prioritises the most vulnerable groups, which include poor female-headed households with children and households containing adults who are permanently out of the labour market.

In this regard the ACDP’s major concern is that the presently sidelined Special Needs Housing Policy - which has been on the Ministers table for almost 15 years - would make a significant contribution to addressing the critical shortage of safe, affordable and dignified accommodation for just such vulnerable groups including orphans, older people; victims of domestic violence; terminally ill and frail people; totally destitute people; those receiving substance abuse rehabilitation services; parolees and people released on probation and victims of serious crime and human trafficking, and it urgently needs to be prioritised.

It is now estimated that if today (14thNovember 2017) an older person was to successfully place their name on the City of Cape Town’s public housing waiting list, that person would have to wait 60 YEARS  before they would be offered accommodation by the City of Cape Town.

The tragedy is that this issue can be resolved by the Minister with the stroke of a pen.

For the first time registered NGOs would have the opportunity to apply for government funds to buy land to build group accommodation, renovate, extend, and or convert existing buildings to provide safe and affordable group accommodation. 


Without the implementation of this policy social pensioners in South Africa will continue to experience homelessness and exploitation as they are unable to privately rent safe, affordable and dignified accommodation on a pension of R1 600 a month.  


Hon Minister the ACDP appeals to you once again in this matter - nothing on your desk could possibly be more important.”